21 Days For $69

The 21 Day Experience

$69 — Unlimited Training For 21 Days
(Two Weeks Free)

At Movement Enhanced, we do simple well. We believe in progressive, science-based training done with precision technique.

If you love to learn, connect and want to be a part of a tight-knit community, then join us for 21 days for just $69 (usually $207) to truly experience what we’re about.  

Even better, we have week-to-week contracts and no sign-up fees!

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Our Difference

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Why train with us?

We provide highly personalised strength and conditioning training.

Our balanced training programs are developed by university qualified exercise scientists, using current research to develop strength, reduce body fat, improve flexibility and increase your overall fitness.

The programs are highly sophisticated, but our philosophy is simple: to live long and well you must train smart, eat well, prioritise recovery and surround yourself with like minded people.

We believe in a safe and sustainable approach to strength and conditioning.

Our training programs are constantly varied, appropriately periodised, specific to your personal training needs and always challenge you to be the healthiest, fittest and mentally strongest version of yourself.


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