The Bench Press is one of the key compound movements used to develop strength and hypertrophy in the upper body.

Some of the most well-known variations of the bench press include changes in angle (decline, flat, incline) however, you must not forget the advantages of modifying your grip on the barbell.

The Close Grip Bench Press is performed with a narrower grip, typically with the hands biacromial distance apart.

Below are some of the main benefits why you should perform this exercise:

1️. Greater Emphasis Placed On The Triceps

A narrow grip on the barbell has been proven to increase the activity of the triceps brachii when compared to a compared with a wide grip bench press. Want to build bigger triceps? It’s time to switch up your grip next training block.

2. Greater Application to Sports Performance

When performing a Close Grip Bench, the technique decreases shoulder abduction which has a greater application to movements like fending in rugby or passing a basketball. It is thought that the exercise has a greater application to sports performance.

3. Decrease Stress On The Shoulder Joint

A wide grip bench press can be uncomfortable and can cause pain from time to time. The Close Grip Bench Press can be used as a tool to minimise shoulder abduction during the bench press but continue to train the horizontal push pattern.

If you are new to the movement, take your time adjusting to the technique and keeping your elbows tucked to the body.

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